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Gentle New Year’s Eve Reminders:

You are enough with or without a specific new year’s resolution. You still deserve to have an incredible new year that is full of peace & love.

If you don’t have the mental capacity or space to be over reflective today, that is absolutely acceptable too!

You don’t always have to be healing. Your existence alone is worth celebrating too.

Your body & mind have carried you through an immensely difficult year. Surviving is enough. Your body is VALID & wonderful & deserves to take up space in this world peacefully and neutrally.

If you do decide to create New Year’s resolutions we hope that they involve:

  • more compassion for yourself & for others

  • honoring all the progress you've made

  • more time dedicated to rest & self care

  • eating things that make you really happy & nourish your body

  • participating in activities that feed your soul

  • deeply connecting with loved ones in real life

  • forgiving yourself more

  • asserting and honoring your boundaries

  • prioritizing your mental health

We hope that you will allow room for mistakes in 2022 because we’re all imperfect & surviving & learning & growing, and we hope that you understand you’re not alone in this cosmic realm.

At inclusiveWe we will to continue to listen to our communities in need, maintain open hearts for learning always, fight for justice, prioritize & advocate for mental health & access to mental health care, & strive to continuously expand & evolve the work we are doing alongside you with intersectionality & inclusivity as the forefront of our goals at all times.

Your existence & insights matter. We cannot do this work without one another.

Happiest of New Years to you whether you’re chillin’ in pj pants tonight or covered head to toe in glitter.

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