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Honoring Indigenous People

Today we honor indigenous communities. We live on stolen land. We acknowledge the fact that indigenous peoples have suffered at the hands of colonizers on their land for centuries. We realize the privileges we draw daily at the cost of their continued persecution.

Today is a day to honor the indigenous cultures, talk with friends and family about the injustices they’ve been subjected to, and create a plan to foster policies that support their current needs while celebrating their strong bond & history with this land.

Thank you for always taking care of the land that so many of us have tried to destroy.

Here are a few things you can do to honor indigenous folks today:

  • Research what indigenous land you are currently residing on. Learn about the rich history of these people; their many traditions, beliefs, & boundaries as communities. Share this information with your friends & family so that we can be more mindful, & respectful, & proactive about returning their rights that were stolen.

  • Create a plan & commit to VOTE for policies that work to protect and support native communities.

Donate directly to…

First Nations Development Institute

Native American Rights Fund at

Native Wellness at

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