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The "My Eggs, My Decision" Kitchen Towel boldly challenges the notion that reproductive choices should be regulated or dictated by others. It celebrates the autonomy and agency of individuals in making decisions about their own bodies and fertility. By incorporating an Easter theme, this towel symbolizes the renewal and empowerment that comes with asserting one's reproductive rights.

By displaying the "My Eggs, My Decision" Kitchen Towel in your kitchen, you assert your support for reproductive autonomy and spark conversations about the importance of choice and bodily autonomy. It encourages a society that respects and upholds the right to make decisions regarding fertility and family planning without interference or judgment.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale of the "My Eggs, My Decision" Kitchen Towel is donated to the Center for Reproductive Rights. This organization is at the forefront of the fight for reproductive justice, advocating for access to safe and legal reproductive healthcare and working towards a world where reproductive rights are recognized and protected as fundamental human rights.

MY EGGS Cotton Tea Towel

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