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The "Trans People Are People Sweatshirt" serves as a powerful statement of inclusion, aiming to dismantle prejudice and discrimination that trans individuals often face. It emphasizes the fundamental truth that trans people are valid, deserving of human rights, and their identities should be respected and celebrated.

This sweatshirt underscores the importance of advocating for trans rights and equality. It encourages conversations that challenge harmful stereotypes, raise awareness about the unique experiences of trans individuals, and foster a society that embraces diversity in gender identity and expression.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale of the "Trans People Are People Sweatshirt" is donated to the Trevor Project. This organization provides life-saving support to LGBTQ+ youth, including trans youth, through crisis intervention services, suicide prevention programs, and educational resources. By supporting the Trevor Project, we actively contribute to creating safer and more inclusive spaces for trans and LGBTQ+ individuals.

"Trans People are People" Sweatshirt

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